Gold-Mining – Week 6



  1. Christian R says:

    Is Cameron Meredith, going to have a similar game like last week?

  2. Crocskin H says:

    Hey Michael,

    The projection app has been down for the past week, it’s just blank and doesn’t show any data. The icons are clickable but they don’t do anything when clicked. Any ideas when this’ll be fixed? I’ve tried in both Chrome and IE. Thanks for any help you can give! Love the site and use the projection app weekly to take down my leagues!!

  3. Zane says:

    The lineup otamizer is broken fix it please. I pay my money I need it to work

  4. Patt the Penguin says:

    I am unable to get access to the app too. I am a subscriber and have been unable to use all week.

    • Val Pinskiy says:

      Sorry for the trouble. Here is our trouble shooting page:

      Can you provide some more detail on your error so we can look into it?

      • Patt the Penguin says:

        I used to go to the projections page of the app and login or be automatically login. Now I am not logged in and nothing happens when I click login. There is also no data displayed on the page. I have tried this on a Mac with Safari and Chrome. I have also used Explorer on a PC. It is the same for all platforms across those OSs.

        I don’t believe it is a user issue since I have not even used the app in two of the three browsers above. And I have never used it on a PC before. This has been true all week now. And from what I read above, other users are having the issue as well.

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