Gold-Mining Week 6 (2019)



  1. Eduardo Sauceda Salazar says:

    Any reason for Panthers Kicker Joey Sly not listed? He has been very good, most prediction systems have him as top 10. Looks like he is not in database.

  2. Tim H says:

    This is from week 7 projections. Do you have any idea what’s going on with RBs?
    Player (Team) Pos Points Floor Ceiling
    Christian McCaffrey (CAR) RB 146.30 0.00 113.47
    Nick Chubb (CLE) RB 106.50 0.00 82.60
    James Conner (PIT) RB 73.60 0.00 57.08

  3. Mike says:

    Week 7 numbers are still wacky. Dozens of WRs are showing getting over 20 fantasy points.

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