Gold-Mining – Week 4



  1. Brendan McLean says:

    FYI, you mentioned Mason Crosby has a large upside…he’s on a bye this week.

  2. Brendan McLean says:

    I also noticed the Packers D is up there as well.

  3. JT says:

    Matt Cassel, Chad Henne, EJ Manuel, Matt Moore and Derek Anderson are the players with the smallest downside

    They also haven’t started a game in years. Time to fix the algorithm… This would be incredibly helpful if these were predictions were based on players that actually are up for a start/sit debate

  4. Bruce Pott says:

    I like the format, but my confidence has been eroded by the obvious OLD information on players no longer playing etc. How trustworthy are the projections of current players?

  5. I don’t see Terrelle Pryor, is he too far down to show up?

  6. Jarret says:

    I love the indignant tone of some of these posts criticizing irrelevant minutia while they get FREE access to robust WOC projections. It’s like watching Danny Meyer cook a steak dinner at a homeless shelter, only for the “patrons” (who have been eating out of dumpsters for a week) to start complaining about a slightly bent fork tine. Long live the internet!

    • al3b3d3v says:

      this ^ I love. amen Jarret. To everyone else who complains, download the R suite and run the analysis yourself.

  7. Carter says:

    Pretty cool to go back and see the large upside Melvin Gordon and Jordan Howard had and fulfilled last week. David Johnson was spot on, Bell was pretty close too! He exceeded his cap on the last large run of the night, giving him 100+ yard bonuses and putting him over the cap seen here.

    Thanks for doing this work! I have made money every week using this tool starting from the last five games of the 2015 season till now.

    I play doubleups in DraftKings where 45% of the pool doubles their money. This tool is really helpful in allowing you to almost pick guaranteed points eliminating the need to find the hot shot or hot shots of the week. This works perfectly for me where I only need to beat 55% of the field.

    Thanks again!

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