PPR League Gold Mining – Week 1



  1. Joseph says:

    Really impressive stuff here.

  2. Matt Holtzman says:

    Looks like the ceiling is 11 for every player in the table.

  3. Michael Griebe says:

    Hi, good catch. Meant to round the number for the display table, and typed mean instead. The fix will be up shortly.

  4. RJ says:

    Thanks for the post. I’m loving this website! Quick question here though: RB Darren McFadden is listed as among those with the highest upside AND the highest downside. Is that an error? If not, can you explain what that means?

  5. Michael Griebe says:

    There are two issues here. First we only have three projections for Darren McFadden -a single outlier can push the pseudomedian one way or the other. Second the projections do not agree. He could be great, he could be a bust.

  6. William says:

    Do you ever go back and look at this and see how they matched up vs. history? I mean look at last night, CJ Anderson got 29 points in PPR which is an incredible outlier, and you can’t really predict that. But nobody has rated him even close to 20

  7. Joe says:

    How is Charles still projected at 12? Isn’t he doubtful?

    • Lou says:

      I’m not sure if these have been updated or not, but if they are from Sept 8th, I believe there was a greater chance at that time that he would play? Even still, until a player is unequivocally ruled “Out”, I would think there is still a chance that some of the sources of projections for this data would have a projection > 0?

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