Gold-Mining – Week 7



  1. Mark Sherrod says:

    Do you guys take into consideration of the defense that the player is going up against and what that player’s position’s average is against that defensive matchup? I know its a silly question but can you show me where that’s calculated in the projection tool?

  2. Mike says:

    Why don’t y’all reply? We pay money! And the apps don’t work. Why are y’all ignoring laying customers?

  3. Mike says:


    • Val Pinskiy says:

      Hi Mike,

      We are happy to help with any requests and are working to resolve any and all errors. Please provide additional detail as we need to be able to reproduce the issues you describe to fix them.


      • Patt the Penguin says:

        It is working again. I posted my issue under week 6. It was on your side guys. Something you did fixed it. But you have to realize that there was some issue with code/platform at this point.

        Good luck chasing those bugs! 😉

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