Gold-Mining – Week 8



  1. Ryan A says:

    Where’s Terelle Pryor?

  2. Ryan A says:

    Also, are these projections updated throughout the week based on changing projections from the analysts? For instance, C.J. Anderson is now on IR, and ESPN’s projection in my PPR league jumped from 10 to 16.7 today. Is there a possibility that would be taken into account in an updated version of this page later in the week when more is known?

  3. Ryan A says:

    With CJ Anderson on IR, Devontae Booker’s PPR projection jumped from 10ish to 16.7 on ESPN. Does this page account for those changes? If not, does the projection machine update those numbers relatively frequently?

  4. Mark Sherrod says:

    Hello, this is like the 7th straight week that Russell Wilson has been at the top of your projections as STD QB and he rarely even breaks 12 points, how is that?

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