Gold-Mining – Week 10



  1. Alistair William McGregor says:

    Hey, love these posts, thanks! You seem to be missing Terrelle Pryor Sr.?

  2. Dennis says:

    When will Lineup Optimizer be updated for week 10??

  3. Patrick says:

    Where is Terrelle Pryor ?

  4. Brandon Wallace says:

    Why isn’t the lineup otpamizer not updated this week?

  5. Lindsay H says:

    Thanks so much for posting these predictions! I look forward to them every week 🙂

  6. Syed A Raza says:

    When will the projections get updated? Pretty late this week.

    • Val Pinskiy says:

      Hi Syed, the projections have been updated for this week. Double-check to make sure your data settings are correct.

  7. Todd Skougor says:

    Love your site. Was using the projection page for a few weeks and just today discovered the Gold Mining section.

    Did I say I love it?

  8. Nick brown says:

    Saw no one has commented yet. Just wanted to say I love the site and thank you very much for all you do. I use you website all the time. I found it very useful last spring for my pre- actuary/financial math class. (I wanted to make my own derivative price model. I tried to use black-scholes, pure jump model, and a weather derivative. I wasnt able to find a working model for the class project but I’m still working on it)

    • Syed A Raza says:

      Hey Nick! Is that a graduate course? I’m at the end of my Math undergraduate and just started studying for exam P.

  9. Todd Skougor says:

    You delete comments? How come?

  10. Aaron says:

    Where is week 11?!

  11. NFL Fan says:

    Hello, I like this Gold Mining Section a lot. Congratulations on this site. Is Gold Mining going to be available for Week 11?

    Thanks a lot!

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