Gold-Mining – Week 11



  1. Michael Griebe says:

    Hi Everyone,

    Sorry about the delay! I mean to have these up by Wednesday at Midnight. This week went sideways, but is now back on track.


  2. K says:

    Is something wrong specifically with the Terrelle Pryor projection? Every week he’s buried in the 80s, with a projection of 5.10 or so. Looking around different sites, every projection for him is higher than that.

  3. Michael Griebe says:

    Terrelle Pryor poses a bit of a problem for us. He is recorded with different names from one source to the next and different positions. We are thinking about solutions that extend beyond Terrelle Pryor.

  4. Thomas Brucato says:

    Hi Guys — great site — I am a subscriber and am trying to use the daily lineup optimizer for Fan Duel, I am logged in but when I change the data settings to Fan Duel and try to load the line up, it runs the calculations but the line up window comes back blank, the players are not loading.

    It loads a line up for Yahoo DFS but not Fan Duel..please help

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