Gold-Mining – Week 15



  1. Toby Joynt says:

    I have a chance to make my first super bowl. I play in a standard league except there is NO penalty for interceptions. My problem… Tom Brady v. Denver Or Jameis Winston v. Dallas. The FFA app says J. Winston. Can I actually bench Tom Brady? If Tom Brady goes off on my bench I’m asking Santa 🎅 for a chair and a rope. The FFA is the reason my fantasy team is in the playoffs and has served me better than anything I’ve ever used. Having a crisis of faith. Thoughts? Thanks!

  2. Thanks for all you guys do! I’m in the playoffs largely thanks to you! Heads up: Melvin Gordon shows up on your projections page as 13.70 Points, 13.70 Ceiling, and 13.70 Floor using ESPN scoring (both Weighted and Average). Is there a glitch somewhere? Are you not counting projections of 0.00 (since he’s out this week) properly?

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