Gold-Mining – Week 1 (2017)


Edit: A version posted at 7:30pm and removed at 8:30pm (eastern time zone) had last years figures. This one now points to the correct database.



  1. eddygonz23 says:

    Where’s Le’Veon Bell?

  2. Jim G says:

    It says the data is from last year?

  3. jakesteiner says:

    This data looks like it is from last year

  4. Michael Griebe says:

    Hi Guys, thanks for the catch! It’s corrected now.

  5. ian Coleman says:

    If I pay for insider will I be able to download the expert projections so I can do my own analysis in python?

  6. cas says:

    No LA Rams in the DST projections

  7. Why aren’t the Rams ranked at all?

    • Michael Griebe says:

      Hi Guys,

      Thanks for flagging the missing Rams. Turns out the analysts are using different names for the LA Rams. We generally only do projection round-ups for players where we have collected opinions from 3 or more analysts. Only two analysts are using the name we expected. So, this projection got left out. We check players for this sort of inconsistency each year.(“Is it Le’veon or Le’Veon or LeVeon?”) It turns out we need to do this for the Rams as well. They will be included next week.


  8. jason hussey says:

    Why cant we see weekly projected points in the projections app like we could last year?

    • Val Pinskiy says:

      You should be able to see projected weekly points, just make sure “Week” is set to “Week 1” in General Settings

      • jason hussey says:

        Ok, I got it to work, but note that by default it is on ‘Week 1’, but the points shown in the points column are season projections. I had to go in and check a random column to be shown for the Points column to update to the weekly projections.

  9. JASON says:

    No IDP data in week 2?

    In addition, there are many free sites that have weekly projections that are not being included in the App. Is it possible to add these to help the aggregate of more models. Isn’t that the advantage of an aggregate? | | |

    Other than my own historical data based model I have never found any other site that does IDP weekly projections other than CBS. I’m happy to send their weekly data if you don’t have access to it. Just let me know what email.

    The new features on the APP are awesome by the way. Thanks for all the hard off-season work.

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