Gold-Mining Week 6 (2018)



  1. Eduardo Sauceda Salazar says:

    For last few weeks there has been significant difference between the DST in Gold Mining and the app. Here the drop is smooth from a team and the next; in the app after the first ~6 teams there is a big gap (about 3 points and 3 tiers) to the next team. Order of teams is roughly the same, but the same gap appearing every week is strange.

  2. Neverfox says:

    What happened to the filter fields on the projection table?

  3. bastein410 says:

    You guys on a bye this week?

  4. Bob Kile says:

    and why are players on IR being projected at all?

    • Michael Griebe says:

      We gather projections from every analyst we can, then add the injury status from the NFL. At some point (presumably) the analysts will stop projecting their production and the IR players will naturally fall off our graphs. But, if analysts are still projecting them to produce yards, then we can show that projection AND highlight that they are on IR, which hopefully help people.

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