Gold Mining – Week 2



  1. Mark Sherrod says:

    Can you explain the reasoning behind the Vikings defense in the largest upside and smallest downside? For a defense to go up against a strong Greenbay, i’d like to know right move here. Im a subscriber and I love all of these tools!

  2. Patt the Penguin says:

    you would think sammy watkins would have a large downside due to foot issue.

  3. eddy says:

    I have no concerns about the statistics– I’m interested to see how close the results come to the data.

  4. I know the analysis is auto-generated, but it is a little silly to claim that RGIII has high upside this week (PPR QB).

    • This depends on the definition of “upside”. We’re not using it to mean that he has the highest ceiling (he doesn’t). It means that he has a wide confidence interval, and that the difference between his point projection and ceiling is greater than most players. Hope that clarifies!

      • Hortense says:

        Check out Rotoworld or some other source of NFL news. Knowing that RGIII is on IR is a bit more important than the confidence intervals.

        Oh, and your projections aren’t working.

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      • He’s on IR till Week 10…

  5. Jerry says:

    Hi, I was wondering why when I try to manipulate some of the projections I in the app I get an “error” reading. Thanks

  6. Jason says:

    Runtime error on the projections app as of this morning! Tracking this? How do we get maintenance updates, etc?

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