Gold-Mining – Week 4 (2017)



  1. jesse says:

    I love these posts but my god the NFL has been a crapshoot over the last 3 weeks

  2. LUPID says:

    Thanks SOOO much for adding a direct link to the Gold Mining Charts. The previous route always broke for me and the charts randomly showed up, but never when I needed it..

  3. neverfox says:

    Respectfully, is there a reason these cannot come out earlier on the site? Given the normal timing, they’re useful for help with lineups, but too late for help with waivers. I fully realize that these charts can be created in R at any point for those with the time and proclivity — and that the later they come out, the more accurate they potentially are — but might I suggest having an early preview on, say, Tuesday or early Wednesday, followed by a final update later?

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