Gold-Mining Week 4 (2018)



  1. Blake says:

    Is there a download or export feature for your dataTable that is currently 59 pages? I came across your site/articles in week 2, love the concept and data. Is it possible to get a data dump or link to one?

  2. Rafael says:

    Hey Michael – I’m curious about the methodology for picking sources. Looks like you are using a subset of the available ones in the FFanalytics package – is that because the ones your are not using are not updated by the time you publish the gold mining article? or are they just proven to skew the projections (e.g. weighing is 0 for these sources).
    Also, curious on what sources you would recommend using for rest of season projections? If I’m trying to pick up players with longer value than a specific week.
    Appreciate your work!


    • Michael Griebe says:

      There’s no meta-stats involved in the selection of sources for these articles. (The apps do this, however). I try to keep it simple, so that everyone understands what’s going on. Some times the sources are not updated in time. And, sometimes our collection methods have to be re-written.

      Regarding rest of season projections, I have not evaluated the sources available. I reason that, for marginal players I’m better off swapping them out each week based on that week’s projections rather than sticking with them through the thin weeks. That said, I’m in a two-bench-spot league. I could see the importance of rest-of-season projections if your league had a deeper bench.

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