Gold-Mining Week 11 (2018)



  1. Michael says:

    Feels like there’s way too many players in one tiers. Why is that? Borischens is usually 8-10 tiers for rb and wr. Another question, how accurate are these compared to borischens? I know you have an article saying projections are more accurate than rankings, but how much is that really saying? Projections themselves aren’t very accurate either.

    • Change the Cohen’s d values if you want fewer (or more) players in each tier. See here for how to customize your tiers: Tiers (Chen’s included) are not magical—they’re based on somewhat arbitrary cutoffs. As you mentioned, projections are better than rankings. It’s true that there’s a lot of room for improvement in terms of prediction accuracy with projections. That suggests that rankings are pretty inaccurate.

      • Michael says:

        Must have missed the article, thank you for that. The app along with the gold mining are absolutely amazing, appreciate all the hard work that goes into them, best thing around.

        Indeed, they are not, just wanted to get your opinion on if projections are that significantly better since projections themselves are quite inaccurate. However, I think you are right and fair in saying that projections will (mostly) be more accurate than rankings. Thank you!

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