Gold-Mining Week 6 (2020)



  1. Ryan says:

    App looking a little off today. 88 projected points for Sam Darnold, 85 for Lamar Jackson.

  2. Keith says:

    You can remove CBS to get rid of the ugly projections but James Robinson’s projections are way off too even after that is done

  3. Steve says:

    Projections are still off this morning as well with Ozigbo at 85 points, if you had any plans on updating the app. Thanks for your continued effort.

  4. David Breen says:

    Same for me as well. Also, seems like return yards hasn’t been incorporated at all this year. Is that done, or will it be added back in eventually?

  5. valkarie63 says:

    Also looks like the app site is offline/needs a reboot – calls time out and end with a server disconnect error msg.
    LOVE the site and the analytics/data insights…

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